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The repeal of DACA would be a major blow to the emerging rights and recognition of immigrant children and their struggles growing up in America. Trump's repeal of this act will cause the displacement and separation of millions of children across the country, directly feeding into the administration's hyper-obsessiveness with immigration and immigration status. We have stopped viewing people as human beings, and have begun viewing them as legal or illegal aspects of the law. 

DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, was orginally instated during the Obama administration in June of 2012 to protect the children of immigrants, or 'dreamers', from ICE raids and deportation. This policy made it possible for children of immigrants who have lived in the United States for the majority of their lives, to continue living as U.S citizens without the fear of deportation, unlike their parents. DACA children have been protected under this program, and its participants have had a beneficial effect on the U.S economy, with DACA participants earning higher wages and participating more in the labor work force. 

Although the Trump's Administration did change their views in support of the Dreamers, and the expansion of the act, we still see how Trump uses his platform to gain the support of those with xenophobic sentiments. Upon seeing his approval ratings plummet, Trump will spew out any and all acts and repeals to gain the support of the stark right. Whether or not he goes through with these wild claims, it is clear that Trump holds the opinions and support of the racist, xenophobic and discriminatory higher than that of any other group.

The GOP has built their entire campaign over claims based on falsehoods. From Trump's tweets 'banning' Transgender Soldiers from the military, to now proposing the repeal of an act that would cause the chaos and displacement of children across the country, the only effectiveness of this administration is its toying of the voters. Trump will switch sides on virtually any issue he takes a position on, if it means higher ratings from the voters. 

To some, this may be a small but relatively harmless by product of a GOP dominated government, however what this spells for the voters is ineffectivity. Trump's incessant vacillation on topics will only breed an administration that will accomplish one thing. The strengthening of hateful sentiments. And until both sides can address this fact, the United States will only be worse off than what we started the term with. 


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