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Climate Change as Exhibited by Hurricane Harvey

This past week, Hurricane Harvey ravaged most of Texas in a tropical storm we haven’t seen so severe since Katrina. Families are being forced to stay on roofs in attempts to escape the rapidly rising flood levels. Houses are being completely submerged, causing the state billions in damage. It is quite unsettling to see natural disasters of this scale happening so frequently, when in reality hurricanes of this magnitude should be quite rare if any. When two large scale hurricanes occur in the same region, almost a decade apart from one another we can clearly see that this pattern is certainly not the effect of randomized weather patterns. It is the effect of a quickly developing pattern of climate change.

Climate change is not a topic unknown by the masses. We have been making huge strides in addressing and trying to mitigate the effects of this issue, however upon the advent of an administration built on the blatant denial of proven science, tools to lessen the harsh effects of climate change may disappear all together. We have seen the administration’s stance on environmental issues clearly, when Trump’s administration defunded the Environmental Protection Agency, we clearly saw that his priorities lie in the mutual benefits of protecting and getting rich off of multi-billion fossil fuel companies rather than protecting the earth from the catastrophic effects of climate change and global warming.

What we are now seeing is the effect of hundreds of years of taking earth’s nonrenewable resources without consideration to future generations. In the last few decades we held the power to lessen the rate at which our world is beginning to decay, however we still have self-proclaimed pundits and experts denying the very science and data proving the validity of climate change. The right is so fueled to fight the recognition of global warming as a political issue, simply because that would require shelling out money to create more sustainable ways of living. Many of these people are living solely in the present, giving no regard to the quality of life that may lie with future generations to come.

Hurricane Harvey is not a topic that should be allowed to be politicized. In times of tragedy we should come together rather than polarize further. Recognizing the mortality of this globe, on the other hand, should not be a topic related to politics either. It is not an issue to which a politician can take a stance on, because it is happening and it is happening fast. This issue should be one agreed upon by the greater majority, and only discussed when trying to figure out solutions. Any more argument to the science proven long ago by scientists will only inhibit future progress in creating a cleaner and more sustainable world. We cannot afford to have this as another topic during a presidential debate. We need to have climate change at the top of all our nations’ agenda, or we risk the very fabric of a livable and enjoyable future for us, and thand generations to come.


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