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An Administration Plagued by White Supremacy

We are in a day and age where racial consciousness has become increasingly hypocritical. The only 'N' word racists are afraid of using now is the word 'Nazi'. White Supremacists are now labeled as the Alternative Right. Those who take pride in our history of Slavery and discrimination now take pride in their 'Southern Culture'. Racism is now being blanketed by camouflaging terms allowing racists to take full control of our institutions behind the curtains. White supremacy under the Trump Administration has reached an all time high, with the man in the oval office adding fuel to a fire reignited.

The events in Charlottesville this past week provide a shocking illustration of how greatly white supremacist ideals have been strengthened since Trump's inauguration. A president first timid to condemn the endorsement of the grand wizard of the KKK foreshadows exactly what we would be expecting in a future country ruled under Donald Trump. It is no coincidence that white nationalist ideals have been strengthened under the past few months. The only difference between this political climate and that of fifty years ago, is the reluctance of racist white nationalists to admit their glaringly obvious discriminatory sentiments. 

The fact that it took our President over 48 hours to formally condemn the events that took place in Charlottesville not only shows his racist ideologies, it shows how Donald Trump is content with normalizing these events. Only under specific media pressure will he formally condemn those who hold faults. Simple inference can lead us to believe that Donald Trump does not necessarily believe these white nationalist sentiments are wrong and dangerous to this country. 

When addressing issues like race and White Supremacy in America, you can never be silent on the issue. Silence is equivalent to support without any of the blame attached. Why was Trump so opinionated on terrorist attacks moments after they happened, but silent during the murder of an anti-protester this past week. Why was Trump so willing to blame both sides in a clearly one sided issue when people's lives were on the line. 

Trump's silence is more dangerous than him vocally supporting the ideas of these White Supremacists. Because he has never outwardly supported the views of these people, his supporters are not forced to hold him accountable for the violence and the gross display of racism occurring as a result of his opinions. Trump supporters have the privilege to ignore Trump's direct influence in white supremacist matters, and therefore stay silent as well. This all adds to what modern racism has developed into: an ideology camouflaged and entrenched so deeply within our institutions that it is able to be overlooked and trivialized by those who are not directly affected by it. And without direct backlash and activism, we may easily slip into another era parallel to that of fifty years ago. 

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