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Redefining Feminism: Intersectionality

Although the feminist movement was established relatively recently, it hasn't been a stranger to widespread scrutiny and criticism. Even in 2017, feminism is a term avoided by democrats and republicans alike, simply because the idea of feminism has been so misconstrued that it is now viewed as a negative ideology by many. The terms 'man-hater' and 'feminazi' have unfortunately become more closely associated with the movement than more accurate terms such as 'equality' and 'inclusiveness'. This idea of viewing feminism as a joke is precisely why we need it in the first place. Organizations supporting the fight for equal rights are being underfunded and overlooked simply because feminism has been so blatantly misunderstood and distorted. This is exactly why we must advocate and fight for the redefinition of feminism. 

The problem with the distortion of feminism lies not only in the movement's adversaries, but in its allies as well. White feminism has taken over the majority of the movement, fighting for the elimination of the dress code but ignoring the real and imminent struggles faced by minority groups within the feminism movement. We must redefine feminism, but can only do so through intersectionality. Once we establish intersectionality within our movement, we will be one step closer in the fight to redefine and re-establish the true meaning of feminism. 

Intersectionality is crucial in this fight to redefine. Simply put, it means that this movement is intertwined and connected with hundreds of other movements as well. It means that if you are a part of the feminist movement, you have to be willing to focus on not only the struggles of women like yourself, but you must be willing to focus on and fight for the struggles of women unlike you as well. 

An intersectional feminist fights for Black women, Trans women, disabled women, and LGBTQ+ women. When you are a part of the feminist movement, you shouldn't be allowed to pick and choose the battles you fight for. Either you're with us, or you're against us. And the first step to redefining feminism is eliminating self serving feminists. This movement is selfless in its very core, and feminists only fighting for the rights of some are negatively impacting the fight for the rights of all. 

Intersectionality is the only device we must implement within the feminist movement to redefine and once again popularize it. Continuing to fight to free the nipple, but ignoring the fact that Trans women are being denied basic access to healthcare is hypocrisy at its finest, but also the unfortunate essence of what the movement has come to. Understanding and implementing the ideas of intersectional feminism will once again realign the movement as well as create a stronger and more lasting feminism for everyone. 

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