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Refugees in Modern America

With terrorism causing the displacement of millions of families across the globe, the refugee crisis has hit an all time high. 24 people are being displaced every minute, creating the largest refugee crisis this country has seen in decades. With so many being separated and their homelands being ravaged, it is necessary for them to seek refuge in a place safe from the dangers they face. Many refugees turn to the United States for exactly that kind of refuge, however a country plagued with hypocritical attitudes of xenophobia only further intensifies the true danger faced by these refugees. 

With every new wave of immigration, we see a resurrection of xenophobic sentiment. The United States transforms these vulnerable victims into perpetrators of terror and violence, the exact thing these refugees are trying to escape. All the way back to the American age of imperialism, we see how modern attitudes of xenophobia came to be.

As the United States conquered and committed genocide against smaller countries, they painted the foreign natives of these smaller countries as simple minded, savage people in need of being civilized and thus Americanized. Native Americans were considered primitive and inferior as the United States stripped them of their rights and land. These attitudes culminated to the American superiority complex, ultimately leading to what we now label as xenophobia

These attitudes of xenophobia are irrational and hypocritical. How can we as Americans boast our country's freedom, and yet deny that very freedom to those in need of it the most? This country antagonizes foreigners simply to justify the atrocities committed against them. We complain about an immigration problem with the power to stop it, however we choose not to. Complaining about the issues but then refusing to use your power to help, is truly the epitome of what modern America has come to. 

As the fourth of July passes, remember that the freedom you celebrate is the freedom being denied to millions of others. Freedom ceases to be a basic human right when it is denied to some, and begins to be a privilege. Human rights are simply that, rights. They should be afforded to every person, regardless of skin color, religion or creed, and should never be something of a privilege. It must be recognized that the land of the free is a facade, and until we establish a freedom blind of prejudice, this country will stay at the height of hypocrisy for many more years to come. 

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