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A Future Without Environmental Stability: The Paris Agreement

Donald Trump recently pulled the United States out of an international group purposed to maintaining environmental stability. The Paris Agreement was one of the world's first organizations to gather such a large amount of industrialized countries for the sole purpose of mitigating the effects of global warming. With the counsel of EPA leader Scott Pruitt, it is no surprise Trump has decided to pull out of the agreement.

Pruitt is no stranger to the topic of climate change, or rather to the topic of rejecting climate change. He is infamously known to be aligned with big fossil fuel companies, at the expense of environmental regulations. In 2014, Pruitt was caught in a secret alliance with these big fuel companies, aimed to destroy many environmental regulations. The head of the EPA should not be putting his fiscal pursuits over the state of the environment, and the state of its instability. 

In his address, Trump highlighted how the Paris Agreement would put the United States at a huge economic disadvantage, even hinting at how the Paris Agreement was some sort of conspiracy against the US all together. His address said nothing about the future of the United States, rather, it spoke volumes of the clear disconnect occurring between Trump's deluded perceptions, and reality. 

The Paris Agreement does not make any of their policies or agreements mandatory. Each country internally decides on goals to reach regarding climate change, and the consequences of not reaching said goals are nonexistent. If the agreement did in fact put our country at an economic disadvantage, why then would over 25 of the nation's largest tech companies place in ad in the New York Times urging Trump to reconsider his decision? Companies such as Microsoft, Intel, Adobe and Apple urged Trump in their ad to reevaluate the Paris Agreement by addressing its benefits, clearly an act that would not have occurred if the agreement did in fact pose as a disadvantage to the economy. 

Without this agreement, a future in which our environment does not pose a danger to its inhabitants may be unachievable. Another 2 degree Celsius rise in the environment will make climate change and environmental chaos a true reality.  After that point, which may come within the next decade or two, the environmental damage caused by humans will be irreversible, and pulling out of this essential pact to stop this rise will only further the rate of extreme environmental destruction. 

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