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This Week in White Terrorism

This week alone, 3 people have been brutally murdered as a result of blatant and unapologetic racism and prejudice. This week, more people have been killed due to hate crimes than due to the violence perpetuated by refugees in the last 40 years. This article addresses this week in White Terrorism. 

White Terrorism is a term so many journalists and news corporations alike are hesitant to use. When someone of the Caucasian race commits an act of terror, all kinds of labels are sought out to brand these terrorists, besides the label of a terrorist. Labels such as mentally ill and disturbed are so quickly assigned, while people of color only have one label attached to them if they ever commit such a gruesome act. Terrorist. White privilege comes with the bonus of being spun into an upstanding, hardworking citizen by the media if you ever were to commit an act of terror. What these events have in common, however, is the fact that the perpetrators were all terrorists. Regardless of skin color, they used an act of terror to perpetuate their hatred, and the fact that they are white cannot deter us from the truth of how prevalent racism is entrenched within our society. 

Richard Collins III was an Army lieutenant at Bowie State University. He was brutally murdered at a bus stop by a fellow student. Investigation into whether this was a hate crime is underway, however the answer is clear. Sean Urbanski, who murdered Collins, ran an Alt-Right facebook group, posting extremely racist and sexist content with themes of white supremacy. A proclaimed white supremacist killed a successful black man, and there is still question of whether this was a hate crime or not.

Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche and Ricky John Best were stabbed and killed for standing up to a racist and islamophobic man who was harassing two girls, one in hijab. Both were standing up to do the right thing, and they were brutally punished for it. This kind of behavior is horrifying and unacceptable. The kind of climate the United States is in, for a man to approach and harass two girls, one of them being muslim, speaks volumes at how quickly and suddenly hate crimes is beginning to flourish. Is it a coincidence that this all is happening under a president whose campaign was built on the marginalization of minorities? 

This behavior being exhibited is not simply some tragic event. These patterns are rising, giving us insight into how the United States' climate is encouraging and advocating for these hate crimes to occur. The election of someone so hesitant to acknowledge and condemn hate crimes is very quickly breeding and growing a group ill with internalized racism and hatred. There is a strong connection between what is happening now, and the Lynchings that occurred not even 100 years ago. We as people must stay aware of this impending issue, and do all we can to stifle and put an end to this age old attitude of racial and religious superiority. 

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