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The (Anti) American Health Care Act

The last ruling made by republicans in the House passed yet another attempt to create an efficient and equal healthcare system. With Trump's incessant urging to repeal Obamacare, a new healthcare plan was drafted to benefit portions of the American population. Under this new act, millions will be left with no healthcare, and millions more will have to endure increased payments and fees for conditions beyond their control. This healthcare act benefits those who need it the least, while leaving those in dire need of care to their lonesome. 

The most infamous aspect of the ruling includes the Act's effect those who have been victims of sexual assault. Under this act, those who have been victims of sexual assault, including rape and abuse,  will be the ones left with higher fees and less sympathy. This draft categorizes any sexual abuses and assaults under pre-existing conditions, which inevitably leads to higher fees, but also puts women at risk for being denied service simply due to these pre-existing conditions .Under this act, so many women will be forced to choose between their health and their financial status, which will inevitably cause an exponential increase in deaths and illnesses that could so easily be prevented under a fair and equal healthcare system. 

 Under this act, several rules put into place by the previous Affordable Care Act could be waived by certain states. Rules protecting men and women of the same age from getting charged differently (regardless of pre-existing conditions) could quite possibly be waived by states. This means the presence pre-existing conditions could make it extremely hard to find affordable healthcare, causing millions of men, women and children to be forced to go without healthcare due to the conditions they seek to cure. 

As usual, the act that was initially meant to cover everyone regardless of wealth, status or condition is being distorted and changed into an act only beneficial to the wealthy. Millions will now be left in the ruins of the Affordable Care Act, replaced with an act that has nobody's best interests in mind. Even more hypocritical is the fact that those writing up the bill won't even use it, as they are exempt. They favor financial gains over the well-being of the American public, a fact so blatantly counter-intuitive, and embarrassingly hypocritical. 

This bill accomplishes nothing in providing the American public a decent and effective healthcare system. The poor will now be neglected even further, while the rich and healthy have access to plenty. Antagonizing those in the  need of healthcare the most is completely backwards; when drafting a successful act, you should focus the tenants of the act on the needs of the people who will use it most, not those who are well off and unaffected. The American Health Care Act is unforgiving, and frankly misleading. The only American aspect about this Act is the fact that it was created at the capitol. Otherwise, it carries absolutely no power in helping those who have fallen victim to the ineffectiveness of their healthcare system as well as their illnesses.

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