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An Analysis of the First 100 Days

This is the first time in modern American history that a president's first 100 days have been met with such severe mixed reactions. We all knew a four year presidency with Donald Trump would force us to enter uncharted territory, especially for those first time voters who have just begun to immerse themselves into the complex sphere of what is American politics. Donald Trump has caused everyone, from his avid supporters, to even his most bitter critics, to do a literal double take in reflection of what Trump has accomplished, or more importantly, what he hasn't accomplished, during his first few months in office.

Trump has managed to shatter any and all predictions of his behaviors and temperaments made upon his election. Whether this is a good or bad thing is yet to be decided, but it is certainly clear that the majority of the public is not comfortable with the blatant unpredictability exhibited by Trump these past few months.  From doing a complete 180 on his views of NATO, to his recent decision to bomb Syria, Trump has shown not only congress, but also the public, that he will and can be unapologetically erratic. His constant flip flops on positions he once held firmly during his campaign are causing widespread doubt, and not in the groups you may think. There have been numerous outcries from those who voted for and supported Trump, voicing their disapproval and regret (how ironic), and while this may serve as sweet revenge for those who have always been against Trump, it is slightly unsettling to notice his habitual vacillation in a position so powerful. 

Trump's campaign and general public appeal came from his no-nonsense attitude about many of the country's most pressing matters. Supporters applaud his blunt nature, and how he stuck firmly by his beliefs throughout his entire campaign. His somewhat outlandish promises, such as the Wall and how it will be paid for, is what was so appealing to many. Trump put on a facade that all will be great again in America in five simple steps. His outline and guarantee on what he wished to accomplish in his first hundred days was so radical to many, and Trump took advantage of that. He knew people were tired of seeing politicians come and go, never delivering on their claims, and leaving their supporters with empty promises. What he didn't realize was how hard it really is to deliver on those promises. 

Trump's healthcare bill failed. His attempts to limit immigration was a bust. The Wall is looking more and more like a fantasy than a reality. Trump's administration is dangerously understaffed, and a government shutdown is definitely in his future. Out of Trump's ten goals he wished to accomplish before his first 100 days, he has achieved none. Trump has managed to create one of the biggest scandals this early in his presidency, with the FBI investigation on Russian interference on the elections. It is quite ironic how confident Trump was before actually getting elected, and the results now.

What is even more troubling, perhaps, is Trump's conscious or unconscious (it is extremely unclear) ignorance to the realities of his presidency. Trump is still under the illusion that his administration is productive, and keeping all of the promises guaranteed during his campaign. After every defeat, we see another bill, or another reform made by his administration in useless attempts to increase his likability ratings. What needs to happen is the recognition, by Trump and his advisers, to the bleak reality that being a president is an extremely tough job. Reforms cannot simply happen overnight, and the Trump administration is in desperate need of severe readjustment in their plans to make America great again. If a serious re-examination of Trump's  policies doesn't happen, Trump will be no different than the hundreds of politicians he criticizes for leaving office with empty promises, and we will be left with an American no greater than what we began with. 

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