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An Act of War: Trump's Missile Attack on Syria

On April 7th, America stood watching as Donald Trump ordered the sudden launch of 60 tomahawk missiles aimed at the compound of several high ranking Syrian government officials. The attack was in response to the Syrian president's alleged use of chemical warfare on his citizens, surprising considering Trump's previously clear views on U.S intervention in Syrian affairs. A few years back, the very person to directly attack the Syrian regime was also someone who starkly opposed any sort of government involvement, making one question the validity and credibility of Trump's ever so vacillating positions. 

The premise of which Trump released those tomahawk missiles is somewhat respectable. Looking at the situation from a bird's eye view, one can assume Trump released those missiles to protect the millions of helpless Syrian citizens being subjected to their President's horrific torture. Trump uses this assumption to his advantage, claiming that his decision was exactly that: to protect those refugees, out of the goodness of his heart.

 Further analyzing the situation, however, it is clear this act wasn't solely done as a way to help those in need of assistance. It is quite puzzling how quickly Trump is able to switch on an extremely important viewpoint, and support Syrian citizens, but continue to discriminate and profile Syrian citizens turned refugees as they try to enter this country to seek citizenship. If Trump is so readily willing to dump millions of dollars into a decision to protect those in need, why isn't he so readily willing to help them by allowing them access to this country? 

Furthermore, the premise of Trump's decision to launch those missiles, in hindsight, was extremely impulsive. Normally, a thorough investigation would have been held to find the extent of the Syrian government's involvement in the release of chemical weapons. Congress never had the chance to vote or decide to take this drastic course of action, leaving us to wonder how Trump's trigger-happy nature may one day play to the United States' disadvantage. 

The release of the missiles was necessary. The state of Syria and its citizens was slowly transforming into a humanitarian crisis, and the missiles were the first direct communication by the United States to Syria condemning their actions. However, the reasons Trump released those missiles are what many find quite troubling. There are suspicions that this action was simply a ploy to increase Trump's likability ratings with the general public, considering his xenophobic and racist attitudes to refugees and Syrian citizens in general. Throughout the course of Trump's presidency, we as the people must heed these small signs dropped by Trump. For all we know, this could may as well lead to the precipice of a major world conflict caused by Trump's inability to understand the consequences of his careless actions. 

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