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The Alt-Wrong

With the presidency of Donald Trump, a new and menacing group has gained enough support and power to rise from the ashes. Attitudes of nationalism, nativism and anti-Semitism fueled the return of the Alt-Right group, better known as Neo-Nazis, this past year, causing chaos and creating danger for several minority groups in the United States. This power-hungry movement strives for the supremacy of the Caucasian race, denounces democracy, and believes in the inferiority of other races. Holding racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic views, the Alt-Right movement has shockingly risen from obscurity, and are more aggressive and unapologetic than ever. 

The basic tenants the Alt-Right group holds are strikingly parallel to the tenants held by the Nazis in the twentieth century. Leaders of the movement spin tales of the many obstacles faced by the Caucasian race, a race that is, needless to say, one of the most privileged races on earth. Alt-Right leaders spread twisted tales of how the Caucasian race is predicted to go extinct in the near future, in hopes to spread fear and rally support for their twisted cause. This blatant self-victimization not only distorts the reality for people within the Caucasian race, but it also overshadows the actual obstacles faced by minority groups throughout the globe. 

Stephan McNallen, an Alt-Right writer and pagan, speaks about his point of view on race and shares many of the same viewpoints as the Alt-Right. Both McNallen and the Neo-Nazi movement believe the distorted truth that genetic factors and distinguishing traits of races determine an individual's behavior and tendencies. By definition, McNallen and the Neo-Nazi movement are racist, and justify racism to align with their perverted truths about race. Attributing slight trait variances in race, to the behaviors and mental makeup of groups of people is a tactic used to separate and justify the discrimination of people because of the color of their skin. 

The Alt-Right movement is fundamentally flawed. What is beneficial to the minority groups fearful of a new Nazi movement is the perception of the movement to the public. The Alt-Right has been critiqued as a group full of "wanna-be facists", considering the group holds no significant political value, and was created on a website known for trolling and bashing on fundamental American ideals. What we can't do, however is allow the movement to spread and gain support. Taken seriously or not, the movement is still an alarming symbol of how quickly Trump's dangerous rhetoric can be spread and distorted by certain groups. 



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