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Russian Interference in the 2016 Elections

The presidency of Donald Trump has been placed under extreme scrutiny ever since the results of the election, and for good reason. This election has been one of the most odd elections in United States history. From a mass wave of fake-news, to the unforeseen win of a frankly unfit candidate, this election has caused many to become suspicious of the means Donald Trump took to win, and the lengths he took to guarantee his presidency. All of this suspicion has finally culminated to official FBI investigation of Russian ties to the recent election. 

Looking back, initial suspicions of Russian interference began when Hilary Clinton pointed out the apparent friendliness between Trump and Vladimir Putin. Not only did such claims ignite a firestorm of controversy, but Trump's initial denial of ever meeting and talking about Putin further ignited the flame. This implied Trump had something to hide, and ever since then, evidence has pointed to Russia as the biggest figure in tampering with the 2016 elections. 

Recently, however, one singular event took place which incited the FBI to finally get involved and conduct an official investigation. The Washington Post revealed that Michael Flynn, Trump's National Security Adviser, had spoken to a Russian ambassador regarding sanctions during Obama's presidency. Why would a member of Trump's administration be communicating with Russia whilst Trump was campaigning for president? The implications of this event center on Flynn knowing that Russia meant to tamper with the election, guaranteeing Trump's win. What other reason could explain this exchange between US and Russian officials?

It is almost certain that Russian entities interfered in the recent election, however the FBI is concerned with to what extent this hacking occurred. The spread of fake news to sway the public vote is only the tip of the iceberg regarding Russia's involvement. Hopefully this investigation will be able to give the public insight into how this election spoiled the democratic system, and possibly expose the ulterior motives of who Russia, rather than the people, chose as president. 

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