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The defunding of planned parenthood may be the most reckless and dangerous decision made by Trump and his cabinet for years to come. Without this service, millions of underprivileged women won't have access to STD screenings, breast cancer mammograms, ultrasounds, abortions, sex education, and more. What planned parenthood represents is, a world in which women are the sole decision makers of what happens to their bodies. With the defunding of this crucial component to women's rights, the downfall of the principles and rights women in this country have worked toward for hundreds of years is inevitable. 

It is an extremely dangerous time for women in this country. With gag rules being imposed on worldwide abortion services, it won't be long until abortions in this country begin to be more strictly regulated by the very people who won't be affected by it. Recently, North Dakota tried to ban abortions occurring as early as 6 weeks. And with republicans like Donald Trump being in control of the house and the senate, you can bet the pro-life agenda will be pushed at a pace at which we have never seen before. 

What the pro-life movement fails to recognize is how hypocritical their agenda is. Would there ever be a time in which Russia, or Japan, would have the power to rule on US laws, without this country's consent? Of course not, so why should decisions affecting women be made by a majority of wealthy, privileged white males, who would never be put in a situation where abortion may be a necessary option. 

Regardless of abortion, planned parenthood still holds tremendous value to those who cannot afford important medical screenings. Abortion only represents 3% of planned parenthood's vast array of services for women. Defunding an entire organization because of one minuscule service will not save lives; it will do the exact opposite. The defunding of planned parenthood could drastically increase the cost of birth control. The absence of readily available sex education, and STD screenings could increase unwanted pregnancies, and spread sexually transmitted diseases at a faster pace than ever. Without the inexpensive availability of breast cancer screenings, millions of underprivileged women could have to live with the chance of unknowingly developing breast cancer. 

As history has shown, bans have never been shown to decrease the desired problem. If you look at the prohibition act in which alcohol was banned under the law, but hit record highs as it was simply just sold illegally, and without necessary regulation the government provides, it is clear that government bans are futile and ineffective. When abortions were illegal in the 60's and 70's, abortions didn't stop-they increased. Women began taking to extremely dangerous means to obtain abortion services without regard to the laws imposed to stop them. We cannot let history repeat itself, and we must leave these monumental decisions to women, and nobody else. If we don't, we are essentially denying the fundamental human rights this country promises. Saving planned parenthood is not simply a victory for women's rights, it's a victory for human rights, and we must ensure those human rights are secured for everyone in this country, male or female. 

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