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Transgender Rights, Human Rights

Recently, the Trump administration ruled on the Title IX guideline infringing on the security and fundamental rights of the transgender youth. The guideline, made under the Obama Administration, served in order to protect and hold transgender youth to the same standards as the rest of their peers. Enforcement of this guideline was a monumental victory for the trans community, as it meant that young transgender boys and girls would be able to feel safe and secure in an academic environment. Because acceptance is such a necessary aspect to fostering positive and healthy relationships in school, the repeal of this guideline will ultimately cause the isolation and general feeling of unsafety for the transgender community.

When put into place during the Obama administration, the Title IX guideline was implemented into K-12 schools throughout the country. The guideline was not simply about bathrooms, it was about placing the youths of America in the most advantageous position to attain success. Destroying the obstacles put in place for transgender youths, and creating a safer space that promotes inclusion was the ultimate goal of this guideline.

Studies have repeatedly shown how unaccepting and exlusionary environments can stunt and even negatively decrease students' academic abilities. Setting a student up for success in the world of education not only means funded schools and capable teachers; it means creating an environment in which individuality and acceptance is fostered. Without this guideline, states have the decision of choosing whether or not to include basic transgender rights in public schools, ultimately leaving the rights of the transgender community up to chance.

The repeal of this guideline following the suit of transgender high schooler Gavin Grimm, truly shows the Trump Administration's position on transgender rights. Grimm sued his school district after he was forced to use a unisex bathroom rather than one that corresponded with his gender identity, taking the suit all the way up to the supreme court. The ruling on this case will ultimately decide how the justice system in this country views transgender rights compared to human rights.

The bathroom issue has spiraled into a true discussion about the value of the rights of the transgender community. If we simply accept this ruling by the Trump Administration, we are essentially disregarding the rights that should be guaranteed to the transgender community in this country. We are not only doing a disservice to the transgender community, but we are also doing a disservice to American youth. All of the young transgender boys and girls who are negatively affected by this repeal will ultimately be set up to fail. In order to make America great again, should we not start with protecting and accepting American youth of all identities and orientations? In order to create a better tomorrow, we must start with our youth, and this repeal does nothing but hinder and impede those very boys and girls pursuing academic success.







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