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Environmental Protection Agency Under Attack

When implemented in the 1970's. the EPA, or environmental protection agency, centered on fundamental principles of using science and data in order to preserve and better human and environmental health. Among writing about climate change, the EPA informs and enacts legislation on a variety of environmental concerns, such as endangered species, hazardous waste, air quality and more. Composed of over 15,000 qualified scientists, engineers and technologists. Never in the history of this country has the EPA been under attack, but all has changed under the Trump administration. 

Trump's views on climate change have never been discreet. His infamous tweet calling global warming a Chinese hoax has been shared over 24,000 times, and he once commented on not being a "big believer of global warming". What this equates to is utter chaos for the environment and future generations. The last thing our environment needs is a president, senate and house of representatives, with blatant disregard of scientifically proved data. But with the Trump administration, that is exactly what we are getting. 

The EPA over the years has put out some of the most essential legislation in order to preserve the health of the people and environment. Legislation such as the Clean Air Act, which has enabled the United States to produce some of the most unpolluted air for such a modern industrialized nation, has been historically recognized as one of the most comprehensive and effective bills to pass yet. The Endangered Species Act of 1973 helped to save the bald eagle as well as 55 other severely endangered species. The success of the EPA cannot be denied, however, it may be forced to shut down solely based on our president's dangerous and uneducated beliefs. 

In the coming years, we fully expect the EPA to become obsolete. The cuts planned by the Trump administration will leave thousands of our country's most educated without jobs. And those with jobs will have to suffer major budget cuts, causing a halt to all new scientific research. Already, the administration has implemented a freeze in all finances, and plan to block the EPA's writings of new research and communication to the outside world. What this essentially boils down to, is a president not only silencing free speech, but silencing the very speech that is so important to the well being of this planet. 

By 2018, the Trump administration plans to disband the agency all together. After 40 years of maintaining and bettering the world we live in, the EPA is soon to be nonexistent. What is even more angering is the fact that Trump's disapproval of the EPA could stem from his personal ties to several major fossil fuel burning companies. It is an understatement to declare that this may be a conflict of interest. Our president is doing business, and exchanging money, with billion dollar companies who use fossil fuels in order to operate. And it is no wonder why he feels so strongly to disband an agency with scientific proof of the disadvantages fossil fuels have on the globe. Trump's hypocrisy is prevalent, now more than ever, and when it comes to the environment, we must not only look out for ourselves, but for future generations as well. The elimination of the EPA will only set off a chain reaction, and it soon may be a feasible reality of living in a country where feelings and profit overshadow reason. 


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