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Sexual Harassment in Politics

Following the scandal surrounding Harvey Weinstein, our media scape has flooded with allegation after allegation of prominent figures levying their power at the disadvantage of women. Political figures such as Al Franken, Roy Moore, and John Conyers are associated with heavy allegations surrounding their mistreatment of women. This flood of allegations begs the question, how entrenched is this attitude of female mistreatment within our political landscape?

We see party members addressing the political affiliations of these sexual assaulters more than the sexual assaulters themselves. Washington's tendencies to politicize these events trivializes the experiences of these women, and shifts the conversation. The recognition of this horrid trend is of the least importance to prominent political figures such as Trump, who use scandals like this to improve likability ratings. The problem lies in these sexual assaulters, yes, but it also more equally lies in Washington's response to it. 

We see media outlets going on tangents about Al Franken's political party, or his mediocre justification of his actions. What we don't see, however, is fair accountability. Many of these political figures are so safe within their roles, investigations regarding the ethics of their actions don't faze them. These investigations lead to a paid suspension at best, with these senators and governors returning to their jobs like normal. 

Sexual Assault is the forefront of several political discussions, and we are finally seeing a shift in attitudes regarding these allegations. However these small improvements mean nothing in the grand scheme if we continue seeing prominent figures committing these atrocious acts. 

In an age where a known sexual assaulter won the presidency, we must ask if this is simply a reflection of the attitudes accepted in the executive branch. This point may in fact be the reason to why so many assaults are coming to light, however, we know sexual harassment has been a trend long before the Trump Administration. What this exhibits is a total and utter lack of respect towards women, especially in politics. It seems that the status of women has come far in the last hundred years, however within our political sphere we see a complete stagnation. And for this reason, we continue seeing sexual assault allegations, with no real change coming out of the other end. 

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