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Claims regarding the sexual assault of several women by Harvey Weinstein have recently surfaced around Hollywood. Claims and recorded evidence of Weinstein's actions have caused many to question the true transparency of Hollywood's film industry. The hashtag #MeToo was made popular, bringing attention to the sheer number of women and men who have been victims of sexual assault and harassment. This act of solidarity is inspiring, especially in a day in age where acts of sexual aggression and assault are being made commonplace even by those in the highest positions. 

The #MeToo movement has caused many to question what truly goes on behind closed doors in Hollywood. Weinstein's actions have been made so infamously known among those in Hollywood, that some claim these allegations are hardly news. Sexual assault and harassment occurs on the daily within this industry, moving some celebrities to even make lighthearted jokes about this terrible pattern. 

Sexual assault in Hollywood has never been linked to one's reputation. Weinstein, for example, had claims known by the majority in Hollywood, and yet continued to run one of the most profitable production companies in the business. Roman Polanski, for example, was accused several times of statuary rape of minors, and yet still continued to make and profit off of his films. Woody Allen, another extremely successful producer, has had information leaked from his own daughter regarding his sexual abuse of her as a child. 

And yet, actresses like Selena Gomez, Elle Fanning, and more, continue to work with these abusers, continuing their profits and heightening their successes. It is about time we create an industry that does not overlook these horrific assault cases. In most situations, producers and members of the film industry are sexually assaulting minors, which is a cycle that can continue into late adulthood. 

The inherent power of these film moguls gets dreadfully taken advantage of, and we therefore see numerous allegations of sexual assault with no real ramifications on the producers' reputations. Sexual assault becomes the subject of jokes, leaving victims unheard and vulnerable to continued abuse. We must take a stand, not only by showing our solidarity, but by also holding these abusers accountable for their actions. We cannot allow people like Woody Allen, and Harvey Weinstein, to continue to rise up the ranks. The only solution is to explicitly condemn sexual abuse, assault and harassment in the film industry. 

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