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The Muslim Ban

In 1607, this country was created by immigrants escaping religious persecution. Hundreds of years later, the very immigrants this country was built upon are now being persecuted and stereotyped based on their religion.  Between this time, we have completely forgotten the basic tenants men and women from around the globe came to seek those hundreds of years ago. The essence of our morality, integrity and character hangs in the balance with this executive order, and when it comes to who we are, and what this country stands for, silence is not an option.

By restricting the access of US citizenship to millions of refugees, essentially what this executive order does is isolate the United States, and antagonize the refugees in need of help. There have been no reported cases of refugees causing or committing any act of terrorism in the United States. All the acts of terror committed on behalf of a political organization, have been by American citizens. This executive order does not reflect the need to make American safe again, rather, it reflects the apparent bigotry and racism which resides in the oval office.

Before focusing on refugees, shouldn't we begin to fix issues domestically? Flint, Michigan continues to have no access to clean drinking water, lack of gun control has caused the most mass shootings to occur in US history, but instead of creating bills to fix these issues, the president's lack of prioritization has shown through once again. This executive order not only reflects poorly on the United States' president, it reflects poorly on Americans. Time after time, it is the refugees who are assigned the blame of the country's problems. What Americans fail to realize is, how dire of a situation these refugees are in, to uproot their entire life and bring their family to a foreign country, simply to escape the treachery back home.

The problem not only lies in the antagonism of refugees; banning refugees from 7 Muslim-majority countries arises a new set of issues. By prioritizing Christian refugees over Muslim refugees, something the president has admitted to doing, it goes without saying that the president believes Muslims are more likely to commit an act of terror. If the leader of the United States believes all terrorists are Muslims, it is not a far leap to reason all Muslims are terrorists. In fact, hate crimes against Muslims have grown higher than that after 9/11. The rhetoric has already been spread, whether it is the president's intention or not. 

Because this executive order goes directly against the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1963, several organizations, including the American Civil Liberties Union, have sued Donald Trump for the order going against the constitution. Although the order probably will not last, the true problem lies with the people. Muslims no longer feel safe in this country as hate crimes have spiked. Those committing acts of violence towards Muslims do so with the justification that what they believe is right, because their president believes it too. Whether or not Donald Trump holds a bias against Muslims, the damage has been done, and unless he publicly apologizes, and condemns these hate crimes, they will simply rise. Before we let the president dismantle the core beliefs which this country was created on, we must step up and speak out. The power will always be with the people, and using that to our advantage will be our greatest weapon during this presidency. 




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