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The University Rape Problem

Rape within college campuses has always been an issue known among the masses. The story is always the same, a young girl being taken advantage of by a college guy at a party gone wrong. One of the most recent cases being that of Brock Turner, a star athlete on Stanford's swim team, being accused of sexually assaulting a young woman at a party. These accusations of rape however, almost always end up having the same ending as well. A slap on the wrist for the man accused, and humiliation for the accuser. What we don't know, however, is the great lengths being taken by the universities to cover up and hide their prevalent rape problem. 

 It is hard to imagine universities as businesses, but that is precisely what they are. Universities are established not only to provide education, but to create a profit. They sell an experience, and rely on donations and tuition costs in order to grow. Part of being a business relies heavily on image, and as you can imagine rape accusations are the last thing universities need to boost their image. What comes with this, however, is the protection of rapists and sexual assaulters at the expense to the young girls they have abused. This sheltering of males feeds directly into rape culture, where the victims are blamed and their abusers walk free. 

Stanford university has a total of 259 reported sexual assaults. Of those 259 reports, one assaulter was expelled. Similarly, at the University of North Carolina,  out of 136 reported sexual assaults, there were no expulsions*.  Now the reason for this may be false rape accusations, which always seems to be the cause for these shocking statistics; however only about 6% of rape cases are proved false. This means that generally 96% of rape cases are true**, eliminating false accusations as the cause of these statistical disparities. Clearly, something is happening behind the scenes of these universities to preserve not only their image, but also the images of the males accused. 

Steps need to be taken in order to control the rape problem prevalent within our universities. How can it be that college women are twice as likely to be sexually assaulted and raped than robbed***? And how can it be that we are still sending our sisters and daughters to universities who act against the interests of the very students it educates? The blatant perpetuation of rape culture cannot be excused simply because the perpetuation is being committed by billion dollar enterprises. We need to stop shielding the rapists, and start finding justice for the victims, or this rape problem will just grow bigger 

*All statistics are found in the film The Hunting Ground, a film on Netflix exploring in depth the issue of campus rape

**According to David Lisak, who did a study in 2010 entitled Violence Against Women, finding that at a certain American University, over a 10 year period, 8 out of 136 cases were false (about 5.9%)

***Statistics found at

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