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The Future of Armed Campuses in America

Gun control laws in the United States, while recently have been under discussion, have relatively always been a stagnant issue. The United States has always been one of the only developed nations not to have standardized and uniform gun laws. In each state, the process of obtaining a gun can vary drastically causing a variety of issues.

Recently, in August, the state of Texas ruled on a law concerning carrying concealed weapons in and around public universities. It is now legal for students to carry concealed weapons on campus, including classrooms and libraries. This shocking development has intrigued me to say the least. In Texas, as mentioned before, gun laws are extremely different than other states in this country. The process of obtaining a license to carry and conceal a firearm is relatively easy; a mere four hours of training in Texas, and you can legally carry a potentially fatal weapon around anywhere, including college campuses. 

The problem with this clearly is not opponents of this law wanting to infringe on citizens' rights to protect themselves in a potentially dangerous situation, the problem arises when you put the trust of a firearm into the hands of an unskilled and untrained individual. Four hours of training to understand the repercussions and responsibilities that arise from carrying a firearm is extremely inadequate, to say the least. Getting your license in the state of Texas is more comprehensive and time consuming than owning a firearm; and this is where the absurdity of the issue arises. 

Ignoring all of these issues, we also come to the fact that humans are not perfect beings. Having access to a deadly weapon at any time drastically increases your chances of making an irreversible mistake. Combining this with an environment filled with thousands of young adults who are prone to error is certainly a detrimental situation waiting to happen. Before we extend gun laws to the classrooms of America, action must be taken in order to standardize the gun control laws of this country to ensure the safety of our citizens. 

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