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Genocide in Aleppo

It is extremely difficult to stand idly by while witnessing the truly atrocious things being carried out by government forces in Aleppo, Syria. Mothers and their children are being killed, tortured, kidnapped and more. Fathers are dying in front of their son's eyes, and Syrian citizens are left helpless. It is truly painful not to have any power in what is going on in Syria, but the most painful aspect of this is the fact that the majority of us do not even know what is going on, simply because it does not affect us. What is going on in Aleppo is something that could very easily happen to anyone of us. President Bashar Al-Assad is ordering his men to cause chaos in his own country. The president of Syria is calling for the killings and massacres of his own citizens. It is truly disgusting how not only powerless the citizens in Aleppo are to their government, but how disgusting it is that people are ignorant to the genocide occurring in 2016. Standing idly by may be the most convenient thing, however it is truly the most destructive. Although we might not have the power to fly to Aleppo and work with the White Helmets, an amazing organization that steps in to help citizens in Syria after bombings and air strikes, we do have the ability to enact change from our own computers and cell phones. Donating to the many organizations put in place to help citizens in need and showing solidarity by spreading the word are small, but impactful actions that can help save Syrian lives. Ignorance is never bliss when the fates of millions of people's lives are in your hands. 

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